Saturday, March 31, 2012

Corner Office, commission

This commission is titled, "Corner Office." It is 4 ft by 9 ft.

About blogging... and not...

Ok, ok, ok. I haven't written in my blog for a long time -- two years?

Well, I've been busy. I thought moving to the beach was a great idea. It was cheap and quiet. I could really get a lot of painting done. And I did. But I found the beach a great place to visit but boring to live there. The ocean comes in, the ocean goes out. Very little socialization. Very little art opportunities. PLUS, I paint Portland, sell almost exclusively in Portland, SO, at last we are in Portland again. Living on a yacht (really just a big 'ol boat) with a wonderful studio at the top of the dock. Whew! Am I glad.

Open Studio, January 29

You can see Jeni Lee's art in this shot and some of Natalie Warren's in the previous post.

This was fun. I would like to have another
open studio again soon.

Open Studio, January 29

Open Studio, January 29

Sonny Hess and Lisa Mann playing at the Open Studio held at my new studio space. These women played delicious music together.