Saturday, April 13, 2013

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Imagine getting up in the morning, descending the stairs into a gallery filled with beautiful colors and shapes. Artwork by great artists that are your friends. Drink coffee while planning a day where you are privileged to have the whole day to paint if you want. Walk a block to a beautiful (and interesting) park with your happy dog in tow. Here, there are high rise condos and the beautiful people scurrying around to work, shop, eat, drink and be "happy."

Two or three blocks the other direction is a transition housing project, flop houses and the homeless. The scurrying is slower and its noisy, and can be unpredictable, as mental illness tends to be.  But everyone has to get their own, no matter what their circumstances.

We have just moved into a live/work/gallery space on the edge of the Pearl District in Downtown Portland.

The world operates best fed by diversity -- so do artists, I'm thinkin'.