Saturday, February 20, 2010

Staying in Front of Things

The weather here has been so gorgeous it is hard to stay in the studio -- what with the sunshine, beach, ocean and a dog that really wants to go running.

But I am painting for a show that is just a month away so I have to stay at it. There is nothing worse than hanging a show knowing you could'a / should'a had more and better paintings if you had only worked a little harder.

That being said, on our walk to the beach the other afternoon, we ran into a new friend, Pam, a wonderful painter with a gallery in Seaview. She was bemoaning not having painted more this winter, as she will be re-opening her gallery for the summer.

As we continued on our stroll, I noticed a group of plovers running in front of the tide. When the tide peaked and receded, they would chase it back and enjoy a rich harvest. There is a lesson here, said I. Stay in front of your deadlines and you will reap the rewards. What a blowhard!

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  1. This looks sooo real, I thot it was a photo at 1st glance. Love it.