Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What we see and don't see...

I am really "looking" at the painting I am working on today. A freeway bridge - I am looking at it for both the overall sense of it and the details that give it its "bridgeness." How the pillars connect. How the approach curves and slants. What can you see between its struts.

And color - not just gray -- green moss (mildew), purple stains, rusted iron, brown gray and blue gray.
Different angles.
Leaving things out.
Putting things in.

What do we miss when we look at our surroundings too quickly, in a conventional manner?

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  1. I like this post, well, all of them for that matter. This one I connected with because I believe this is good for looking & connecting, with people, situations, life. It starts with us.... Our perceptions can color things this way or that way. It's so much about our perceptions, our attitudes, what kind of mood we're in & so on.